What is the Purpose of Jewellery?

What is the Purpose of Jewellery?

There's hardly any person who hasn't worn some or the other kind of jewellery in their lives. After all, there's a reason why diamonds are a woman's best friend and a man's ticket to loving relationships!

From the beginning of time, there is a special place for jewellery in different cultures. Even the earliest men and women used natural stones, rocks, shells, and even bones to make and flaunt unique jewellery. So, what is it about these blingy accessories that amaze people across the world? Is it only a fashion statement? Or is there more purpose that is hiding in plain sight? In this blog, we’ll discover some unique and rather surprising uses and meanings of jewellery and what they say about your personality. Happy reading!

Does Your Inspirational Jewellery Inspire More Than Just Awe?

If you ask men (and women), what is the one thing they love gifting, they would most likely say jewellery. So, what is it about rings and bling that make them such a common gifting item?

Well, simply put, jewellery and fashion are like the peanut butter sandwich in a woman's life, only more precious and long-lasting! No matter which part of the world you go to, there’s always a jewellery store nearby. The right kind of jewellery not just adds to the overall beauty of a person, sometimes it is all that you need to stand out in a room full of fashionistas!

They say give a woman the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world; it is just the same with her earrings or bracelets! But, jewellery does more than just inspire awe. It boosts your confidence, is a perfect outlet for your artistic expression, and is a mirror to your inner self.

So far, so good. But did you know wearing jewellery has some health benefits too? Read on to find out more about such interesting purposes of jewellery in your life.

Interesting Benefits of Jewellery You Never Knew

Even though you don't think of this side, jewellery serves a lot of purposes other than making you feel like a diva. Here are some of the less-known benefits of wearing jewellery that you should know if you are a bling-lover.

Jewellery Acts as a Canvas for Your Artistic Expression

Everyone has artistic energy, even if they can’t paint for the love of God! Some are quirky and live each day as it comes, while others have the next phase of their lives, all planned and even bookmarked! Even without realising it, most people choose jewellery items that reflect this artistic energy in them. And jewellery was the first expression of art for humans. Probably this is why early humans wore more jewellery than they wore clothes!

Be it a timeless classic like solitaires or pearls or the more edgy and personalised pieces of modern times, jewellery serves as a canvas for your thoughts and expressions.

Not Just Art, Jewellery Has Health Benefits Too

Yes, you read that right. While not many people use jewellery to cure certain diseases (and honestly, there's no way to find out if jewellery can fix something on its own), several other health benefits come with wearing certain types of jewellery.

Gold and silver, two of the most common elements used in jewellery making, are also two striking noble elements. Gold, silver, and copper in their pure forms house many benefits. Silver has known antimicrobial properties (tinctures contain silver); gold helps in speeding up any healing process. These metals also protect against harmful radiation from electronic devices by absorbing a good part of the radiation.

In modern days, while you don’t have to rely on your copper or silver bracelet to reduce your joint pain (thanks to effective medication), it is still good to know that there’s more they offer than just aesthetic beauty!

Jewellery Capture Memories Better than Most Photographs

In a world of Facebook memories and Google Photos, you may not always think of this benefit, but wouldn’t it be nice to hold (like literally hold) on to memories and not just swipe on your phones? Well, this is the magic of jewellery. Vintage jewellery acts as time capsules, perfectly preserving the art and sentiment of an era gone by. That lovely dragonfly bracelet that is a part of your family heirloom will always bring a smile to your face and is a perfect testament to the time when your great-grandmother wore it on her wedding day!

But even the newer ones hold emotional value and remind people of their loved ones and open up the floodgate to all the memories they store somewhere at the back of their minds.

Even if you don't wear something very often, it is still an excellent way to connect to your roots. Surely, photographs can't so do much and still look so pretty, can they?

Jewellery is the #TLC Everyone Needs from Time to Time

Life in the 21st century is all about instant gratitude. You send someone a message, and if they don't respond in a few minutes, negative thoughts cloud your head. The moment you upload a new Insta reel, you wait for reactions and social approval. And seeking approval from your peer group is not something new. Maybe the means are different now, more instant and aggressive; the feeling of gratitude and love is just the same as before.

A statement jewellery can be one of the easiest ways to pump up your self-confidence and self-love. As long as you don’t let approval cripple your thoughts, it’s ok (in fact, necessary) to give yourself that extra TLC every now and then!

Summing Up

For the longest time in history, jewellery has been at the centre of human culture, growing and changing with time. While modern-day jewellery is all about minimalism (a far cry from the glamourous tiaras and broaches of the past), it is still a crucial part of a woman’s attire.

Here's hoping you enjoyed reading this blog, and the next time you shop for trinkets, you'll think of all the purposes it serves.

Happy shopping!

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