How Does Your Jewellery Define You?

How Does Your Jewellery Define You?

How Does Your Jewellery Define You?

Much like your clothes, your jewellery has a lot to say about your personality or your mood for the day. The world today is really about making an impact in the first few seconds of meeting someone. And the kind of jewellery you wear is an amazing way to let someone know a little more about yourself without disclosing too much.

Are you someone who loves hoops and layers of beads and tassels? Well, if yes, then you are most likely a flamboyant and out-there kind of woman. And if you are someone who likes to blend in without bringing too much attention, you probably prefer studs or pearls over chunky earrings. Another great way to find out if someone is overtly emotional or thinks more prudently is by seeing their choice - newer trends or heirloom pieces.

Every piece of jewellery has a story to tell, and when it combines with your aura, it transforms into jewellery that inspires! And, whatever be your choice of jewellery, you usually tend to pick up pieces that resonate with your personality.

So, if you want to learn a little bit more about what your jewellery says about you, read on.

Not Just You. Even Your Inspirational Jewellery has its Own Personality

While it's true that the jewellery you wear says something about your personality, even your jewellery has a personality of its own! Only if they could talk! When it comes to choosing a piece of jewellery, some people's usual way is to go minimal.

It’s like that friend who always ends up choosing a black dress no matter how many colours you show them. More often than not, you’ll find them choose a dainty ring or a barely-there necklace. Some jewellery pieces have a no-frill aura, and no matter how much you try, you can never make them statement pieces!

However, when looking at a vintage bracelet, don’t you end up thinking about what it was like back in the day? Or doesn't a hand-made tribal necklace inspire a sense of pride for indigenous people and their crafts? Jewellery can make you feel old and wise, young and risky, or even make you feel like a princess bride! They have the power to capture memories and make the wearer feel confident and connected!

Now that you know your jewellery is more than just metal and stones let's move on to what they speak about you!

Your Jewellery is a Mirror to Your Soul

While it’s practically impossible to talk about all the different personalities people have, it’s safe to say that they fall under the following seven groups. So, here's a roundup of the most common types of jewellery and the personalities they show.

  • The Timeless Classics

If you are someone who ends up buying one too many diamond studs or only asks for more solitaires when buying rings, you are most likely someone who is full of elegance and poise. Diamonds and even pearls are your go-to jewellery picks, and you can wear them anywhere– from a day at the local farmers' market or a high-tea!

  • The Polestars

If you love your ring bigger than a coaster, you are a polestar and a total diva. The world revolves around you, and subtle is not something that's there in your dictionary. Be it a gigantic hoop or a ponytail as high as the Skelton Mast; you have the courage and confidence to pull off dazzling and statement jewellery pieces.

  • The Minimalism Lovers

If you like your tea without milk and your jewellery without much bling, you belong to the group of minimalism lovers! Modern jewellery like rose gold studs or barely-there necklaces is your favourite accessory. You have a deeply analytical brain that always preps and re-preps before a meeting. You like control and are incredibly comfortable in your own skin!

  • The Old Souls

If you love your nana’s pearl necklace more than chockers, you are an old soul. Traditional jewellery like a plain gold ring or a classic stud is your choice of accessories no matter the occasion. Such people are confident, focussed, and have a pleasant temperament that never crosses the extremities. For you, beauty is in life’s simple things!

  • The Au-Naturales

If you like things that remind of you the elements of nature, even when it comes to your pick in jewellery, you are a true nature lover. Seashells, driftwood, sea glass, and stones like turquoise and mother of pearl are some of your most favourite jewellery pieces. If you belong to this group, you have a warm, loving heart that forgives and forgets very easily. You are the epitome of a happy-go-lucky personality and spread love and joy everywhere you go!

  • The Rainbow Lovers

If your jewellery box feels like a riot of colours, you are all about life’s vibrancy and joy. Much like your personality, your choice of jewellery is full of colours and items that you can mix and match and layer together to create a look that floods a boring setup with the hues of the rainbow. You are confident and never too shy from experimenting with new looks and life choices.

  • The Risk-takers

You are never too far away from staging a protest when you see something that’s not right. And much like this rebel personality, your choice of jewellery is also not something every other woman can pull off. Eccentric tribal chockers, spikes or Goth rings are some of the many statement pieces you love. You are fearless, dream big, and do not conform to norms.

Summing Up

Life is too short to be a 'somebody' or a 'nobody.' You have to create a special place just for you. Jewellery pieces help you quickly transform a basic look into something that inspires awe in people. So, before you choose your next jewellery piece, put some thought into what it would say about you, and you'll see how easy it is to find something that is a perfect mirror for your personality.

Happy shopping!

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